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German artist Gabriel creates monumental art objects in the Holy land
The Israeli metal company Tehila Metal Fame Metal Works Ltd. in Lod/Israel has been commissioned to make the highly complex aluminium structures, while the international Florent Studio in Ramla, Israel, is responsible for project management and the assembly of all artistic light sculptures. Gabriel acquired the artistic glass during an extensive trip to the USA in October 2018 in the American glassworks “Wissmach Glas” in West Virginia. The almost 120 year old traditional company convinced the artist with its unique cathedral glass line “Mystical” as well as its elaborately handcrafted Streaky glass. This will be exclusively produced under Gabriels` color scheme specifications until January 2019 and shipped by sea to Israel. The monumental works of art will be installed on site from early summer 2019 in the enormous underground tombs of Jerusalem. 2020 Gabriel will be working in his studios in Israel, the USA and Germany on his new exhibition objects - the innovative development of organic light art sculptures.

„My work is to emphasize the intimate interaction of light, form and space in architecture – to compose and orchestrate the boundaries between inside and outside of our visual world – through the sensory impression of my art.“ 

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